Winchester Academy’s mission is to enrich the community by providing free, intellectually stimulating, informative, and engaging programs.

The name "Winchester Academy" implies a building and physical structure, but there is none. The Academy is a voluntary organization with a Board of Trustees comprised of area citizens that fosters lifelong learning based on ideas originating in Scandinavian folk academies. The Academy offers, on average, twenty-five programs annually. There is no membership required for attendance at programs. All are FREE of charge and open to the general public. Programs are usually held at the Waupaca Area Public Library on Monday evenings at 6:30. Other venues and days of the week are occasionally used for special seminars and musical programs (e.g., churches, or other sites that can accommodate larger crowds). Some programs might include controversial subject matter, but the Academy takes no position and seeks to provide balanced and reliable information.

Winchester Academy's Summer Lecture Series 

June 27, 2022

  • Library Downstairs Meeting Rooms,
    107 S Main St. Waupaca


Hidden Thunder:
Rock art of the upper midwest

Robert "Ernie" Boszhardt is a professional archaeologist with more than four decades of experience, the vast majority in Wisconsin. He worked for the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse for nearly thirty years and is now co-owner of Driftless Pathways, LLC and an honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has authored numerous articles and four books that cover a wide variety of Wisconsin archaeology topics with and emphasis on the Driftless Area.

This program features the award-winning book Hidden Thunder: Rock art of the Upper Midwest, which Mr. Boszhardt co-authored with artist Geri Schrab. He introduces Wisconsin rock art and juxtaposes archaeological and artistic perspectives to a doxen sites, each interspersed with a variety of Native American reflections. Boszhardt with review a sample of the sites with illustrations of carvins and drawings along with Schrab's paintings, while covering aspects of history, geology and preservation.

Mr. Boszhardt with have books available for purchase after the program.

Please thank Pat Hollenbeck for sponsoring this program.


July 11, 2022

  • Library Downstairs Meeting Rooms,
    107 S Main St. Waupaca


Chasing a Giant:
Reginald Sutcliffe and the invention of Modern Meteorology

Jonathan Martin, PhD, is Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UW-Madison. He is the author of Reginald Sutcliffe and the Invention of Modern Weather Systems Science, and appears regularly on WPR's "Weather Guys" show.

Less than a century ago, a forecast of the weather for a couple of days was considered a practical impossibility. In the intervening decades a remarkable revolution has taken place such that today a weather forecast to 5 days is so routinely accurate as to be taken for granted. We are among the first humans in history with access to such precise predictions. This capability is among the most unheralded scientific advances of the last century. This talk recounts the life and scientific contributions of a leading intellectual figure of this revolution, Reginald Sutcliffe. His story exemplifies how education, practical urgency, and creative genius - Mobilized by an abiding curiosity - can conspire to solve even the most seemingly intractable problems.

Please thank Linda and Rex Pope for sponsoring this program.


July 18, 2022

  • Library Downstairs Meeting Rooms,
    107 S Main St. Waupaca


Waupaca Robotics:
Inspiring STEM in our Community

A Lydia Engelbreth is content marketing manager at Waupaca Foundry. She also serves as a mentor to the Waupaca High School WIRED robotics team.

Waupaca High School has had a robotics team fo the past six years; as of 2021 the team decided to change from VEX Robotics to FIRST Robotics. FIRST Robotics is a highly competitive international organization that has over 90,000 students competing in 34 countries. In their rookie season, they took home the Rookie Inspiration Award for its plans for community outreach and their build capabilities. Beyond that, at the second competition they were selected for the 3rd seed alliance and made it to the quarterfinals.

Lydia and members of the team invite you to dive into the world of STEM by learning about how the Waupaca FIRST Robotics teams are developing technical and life skills through hands-on experiences. The program will conclude with a live demonstration using their own robot.

This program is supported by a grant from the Al and Gloria Gruer Family Charitable Fund, a donor advised fund within the Waupaca Area Community Foundation.

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