Nov 15, 2021

Danes Hall



The Artwork at Danes Hall of Waupaca: The Skagen Painter of Denmark

Dr. Michael G. Koehler is a chemist by day, but his passion for the history of Danish American immigrants is seen in his restoration of Danes Hall of Waupaca. Danes Hall was built in 1894 at a time when Denmark was undergoing dramatic social and political change, and Danish
immigration to Wisconsin was peaking. Denmark’s artist of this era reflected this social and political changes of Europe as they moved away from the realistic paintings of grand estates, castles, and noblemen, to adopt the French impressionist forms of rural landscapes, seascapes, and the working farmers and fishermen. Danes Hall holds a historic collection of
paintings from Denmark’s Skagen Painters, representing the impressionist era of the art and culture of the Danes who settled in Wisconsin. During this presentation, you will walk through Danes Hall and enjoy a discussion of the artists, the paintings, and the culture of 19th century Danes.

Oct 25, 2021

Waupaca Public Library

History Or Hollywood: 
Ben-Hur and Gladiator

Gregory S. Aldrete is Professor Emeritus of History at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and the author of 7 books and 6 Teaching Company/Great Courses courses on ancient history. For more info, see his website:

Gregory's lecture will examine two of the most famous movies set in ancient Rome, and will analyze the historical accuracy of their plot, sets, costumes, and characters.  Discover how true-to-life Ben Hur's (1959) spectacular chariot race and naval battle really are, and find out whether Gladiator’s (2000) depiction of the lives and deaths of Roman gladiators and of the pivotal emperors Marcus Aurelius and Commodus are more fact or fiction. 



Waupaca Public Library

The Chemistry of Paint Drying: It's more Fascinating than it sounds!

Allison Fleshman, PhD is a tenured physical chemist at Lawrence. Paintings embody human expression, but they also encompass quite a bit of chemistry! From the optical properties of varnish, to the pigments that produce vivid colors, Fleishman will take you on a chemical adventure into the captivating world of oil paintings. She has spent several years watching paint dry, and will assure you, it is quite a fascinating endeavor!